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Poseidon Dive Center

As part of PDC's continued effort to expand the diver community in Qatar, this page will display our latest promotions and packages.

Specialty of the month



Discover Scuba Diving CAMPAIGN 



You always wanted to try scuba diving! – No problem

You hesitated the cold or hot weather! – No problem

You wanted your kids to have an adventure! – No problem

You wanted to have a family unique experience! – No problem

You always desired to dive but doubted if you will like it! – No problem


Our PADI Discover Scuba Diving campaign will fulfill your curiosity, desire, and adventure charisma to introduce you to scuba diving in confined environment, water temperature controlled, safe, fun and exciting.


Poseidon Dive Center is ready to give you the chance with this campaign to try what you have always saw on TV, magazines and internet.. DO IT YOURSELF


At the price of QAR 250 per person, you will be able to

  1. Experience diving with scuba diving for one dive session “Approx 20-30 minutes”
  2. Take memorable photos while diving
  3. Practice some fun scuba diving skills
  4. If you are a family or group of friends, enjoy the affair atmosphere of having adventure activity
  5. Break your weekly ROUTINE by doing something NEW
  6. Surprise your spouse, relative, family member or dear ones with DSD gift Experience
  7. Take off your kid’s laptop, iPad, smartphone and fancy gadgets and let him/her do some thing to talk about with his/her schoolmates and teachers
  8. Simply HAVE FUN




- Be at least 10 years old or older

- Be comfort with water with acceptable swimming skills

- Ready to have fun



- One dive session for 20 to 30 minutes

- Swimming pool of the Hitlon Doha Hotel

- Dates and times as per PDC schedule for this campaign (to be discussed with the participants)

- The campaign price includes: the diving gear you will use during your dive, mask, fins, snorkel, boots, fins, underwater photography and games.

- The campaign price excludes: wetsuit (you can wear your own swimming suit, Lycra or neoprene suit) food and beverage.

- No additional or hidden costs

* Other terms and conditions might be applied


For more details: DSD Program

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Rebreather Package (OW + AOW)

QAR. 4,000.00 instead of QAR 6,000.00

Obtain both Open Water and Advance Open Water Diver on Poseidon Rebreather MK6 for a special rate and save QAR 2,000.00




Think Rebreathers are just for technical diving? Think again because the latest rebreathers are lightweight, easy-transportable units that use sophisticated electronics to simplify their use. Rebreathers allow longer no decompression limits, reduced gas consumption and unmatched wildlife encounters.


• Be a PADI Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification)
• Be a PADI Enriched Air Diver "Nitrox" (or qualifying certification)

• Have 25 logged dives
Be at least 18 years old

Terms and conditions.
- The course fee excluding the crewpak and certifications fees.
- The applicant should have his/her own wetsuit, ask, boots and fins

For more details Rebreather Courses

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Recreational Sidemount Course


Once you try it, you may never dive with a tank on your back again!

The PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty Course teaches you how to configure and use one or two cylinders mounted at your sides instead of on your back.

Experience a different way to streamline in the water, reduce lower back strain and take advantage of the increased gas supply for longer dives.

Sidemount diving is configuring the diver’s cylinders under the diver’s arms, rather than on the back. This configuration is well suited to a lot of different environments and implies excellent advantages for divers with limited mobility that prefer sidemount over wearing back mounted cylinders.


  • Be at least 15 years of age or older                            
  • Be PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent certification from other diving agency

At the price of QAR 1,800 per person

For more details Sidemount Diver Course

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