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Poseidon Dive Center

pdcqatar marine

PDCQATAR is the commercial arm of Poseidon Dive Center specilized in above and underwater marine works and services. 

Our areas of experience  

Security Barriers & Safe Swimming zones.

Floating & Aluminium Docks & Jetties.

Gangways & Dry Docks 

Floating Structure and Bungalows. 

Safety Sea Booms & Water Gates.

Floating and Water Theme Parks.

Artificial Reefs and Sea Aquariums. 

Commercial Diving and Surveying.

Buoys, Markers and Floats. 

Supply of Marine Safety Equipment.

Supply of Underwater Communication System.

Beach Replenishment & Nourishment.

Wavebreaker and Breakwater systems.

Hull Cleaning & Underwater Welding. 

Water Activities Management. 



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