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Poseidon Dive Center


By applying for the Poseidon Dive Center Dive Club membership card, the applicant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are binding to each applicant upon the issue of the Card to the applicant.

  1. Only individuals can apply for a membership Card for his/her personal use.
  2. Privileges only apply to the registered Cardholder and may not be used in conjunction or combination with any other offer or promotions by Poseidon Dive Center or the corporate partners (unless specified by 3rd party partner’s terms and conditions)
  3. Applicant below 18 years old must have a parent/guardian signing the PDCQATAR DIVE CLUB membership registration form and the required forms for diving activities.
  4. The rights of a Cardholder are non-transferable to another person and are not refundable or redeemable for cash.
  5. No show for booked service whether guided fun dive, DSD or any other services will lead to the activity being deducted from your privilege plan.
  6. Privileges are valid until the expiry date mentioned on the card or cancelled by PDCQATAR (in its absolute discretion) or until the Cardholder notifies Dive Locker that he or she wishes to terminate their Card.
  7. Poseidon Dive Center is not responsible for stolen or lost Cards or Cards that are used fraudulently. The Cardholder must report a stolen or lost Card to Poseidon Dive Center immediately. The Cardholder’s existing Card will be cancelled and a new Card issued with issuance fee of QAR 100.
  8. Poseidon Dive Center reserves the right to suspend or terminate the card at any time and without prior notice.
  9. Poseidon Dive Center shall not be liable in any way if benefits or promotions are unavailable as a result of a technical malfunction, operator fault, errors resulting from computer hardware or software errors, failure or discontinued discounts/offers by any of our 3rd party partners.
  10. All discounts, guided dives, refilling and rental of equipment for Cardholders are subject to availability.
  11. Cardholder discounts are not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  12. A Cardholder must present their Card if seeking the benefit of any discount or other benefit offered by Poseidon Dive Center or our 3rd party partners to Cardholders.
  13. Poseidon Dive Center reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time for any reason and without notice to Cardholders. A copy of the current Poseidon Dive Center Dive Club membership terms and conditions can be viewed at pdcqatar.com/diveclub also reserve the right to change, add or remove any of the 3rd party partners during the membership period.
  14. Poseidon Dive Center follows PADI’s regulations and procedures, therefore, as per PADI regulations you will be unable to dive up to 12 hours before a flight for single dives and 18 hours for multiple dives. All divers must submit the PADI Medical statement prior to their diving activity. Should there be any YES answers to the questions on the form, we will require a physician to assess the diver and confirmation in writing that the diver is fit to dive.
  15. All club members are requested to behave in a respectful manner towards other club members, staff and 3rd party operatives.
  16. Privileges cannot be used during public holidays as announced by the government and subject to merchant discretion.

Updated 27/07/2017

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