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Poseidon Dive Center


Poseidon Dive Center (PDC) would like to introduce Corporate Services for businesses. Our packages are designed to build team spirit and motivate your employees.


Though corporate success depends on many things, clients see a company through its employees.


The objective of our program is to increase health and fitness, improve self-confidence and self-esteem, foster team building and encourage attitude and discipline in your employees.


Diving is not an individual sport and therefore requires individuals to work together.


Many people dive to escape the tensions of day-to-day life because diving is a truly relaxing experience.


As a result our PDC Corporate TEAM Package can help your company achieve less workplace problems and a reduction in employee sickness and turnover.


PDC Corporate TEAM Package is an easy, safe and fun experience designed for people of any age who are comfortable in the water. It is not only for those wishing to scuba dive, but extends to people who want to participate and enjoy snorkeling as well.


In addition, all participants in our PDC Corporate TEAM Package may, if desired, then complete their training at promotional and convenient prices in order to receive an International Dive Certification recognized worldwide.



How diving can benefit your EMPLOYEES

Fun It's a new and exciting activity that's quite literally, "refreshing!" Employees can dive with their fellow workers or meet new friends.

Adventure If your employees crave exploration and exotic travel, PADI programs help open the underwater world for discovery.

Team Building PDC programs help build self-confidence through discovery. Teamwork is key to safe, enjoyable scuba diving and groups can work together, helping make diving an adventure for everyone.

Commitment your employees can have or increase their commitment towards the company he/she works for.


How diving can benefit your COMPANY


New Recruit Benefit You can stand out from other companies with forward thinking offerings like SCUBA! This unique benefit can help you draw the best prospective employees possible.

Employee Satisfaction Scuba diving can also be an attractive addition for your existing employees. By offering an activity as exciting and exotic as scuba diving, you'll make sure your benefits package is growing into new and inspiring areas.

Simple Facilitation PDC can make it easier for you by bringing the classroom sessions to your location. We will also bring all required scuba gear to the pool or dive sites. If your facility has a pool, we can teach the sessions there if you wished so.

Publicity Be proud, by showing your diving programs on your intranet, weekly or monthly company’s magazine, that the company cares about their employees’ morale and pleasure as well as work.


Some features of PDC Corporate TEAM Package have:

- One day from 9am until 5pm

- Snorkelling and Introductory Scuba Dive for Non Certified Divers or a Scuba Dive for Certified Divers

- All Scuba Equipment

- Underwater TEAM Program

- Wall Certificate and participation

- Underwater Photo

- Morning Tea

- Light Lunch


For more details, inquiries or reservation, please visit our Business Inquiries page

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