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Poseidon Dive Center

Rent Equipment



Price per day

Pick-up and drop to the Dive Center

BCD QAR 50      Add to cart
Regulator, Octopus and console QAR 50      Add to cart
Weight belt & weights up to 15lb QAR 15      Add to cart
Wetsuit QAR 35      Add to cart
Mask QAR 35      Add to cart
Fins QAR 35      Add to cart
Hood & Gloves QAR 25      Add to cart
Boot QAR 15      Add to cart
Dive Computer QAR 150     Add to cart
Diver Propulsion Vehicle (Underwater Scooter) QAR 150     Add to cart
Underwater Camera QAR 150     Add to cart
Underwater Torch QAR 35      Add to cart
12 liter aluminum air cylinder QAR 20      Add to cart
12 liter aluminum nitrox cylinder 32% QAR 30      Add to cart
12 liter aluminum nitrox cylinder 34% - 40% QAR 45      Add to cart


- The Rental of gears (excluding tanks) is subject to QAR 35 washing and hygiene chemical fee 

- The above rates are per day (24 hours).

- Late payment fee: Every late day, the rentor is obliged to pay a full rental price for the late days as per the daily rate of each rented equipment.

- The rentor should be a certified diver to rent scuba diving equipment and cylinders.

- Wetsuits, Fins and boots are available with limited sizes.

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