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Poseidon Dive Center

Whether you want to discover the amazing underwater world that SCUBA diving can introduce you to, or you are looking to earn your highest rating as a recreational diver, Poseidon Dive Center has resources to suit everybody's needs. From the Discover Scuba Diving experience to the Master Scuba Diver rating, our professional, experienced and friendly staff can provide you with expert instruction that you need to make scuba diving as fun, safe and educational as possible. Check out the list below for more information on specific courses that the Poseidon Dive Center can offer.


PADI Course Name


Discover Scuba Diving

TODAY, do something for the first time

Open Water Diver Course


If you’ve always wanted to take Scuba diving lessons, THIS IS WHERE IT STARTS

Scuba Review


Haven’t been scuba diving lately? The Scuba Review program is just the refresher you need

Advanced Open Water Course


Conquer new tasks, see different aquatic creatures, explore into diverse territories and experience new dive adventures

Emergency First Response Course


Learn essential First Aid & CPR techniques, how to assess an emergency situation and how to act in the most efficient way.

Rescue Diver Course


Look beyond yourself to consider the safety and well-being of other divers

Master Scuba Diver


Achieve recognition as a 'black belt' in recreational scuba diving.



Recreational Chart






Latest promotions and packages



Recreational Sidemount Diver Course




Diving with us


Be a DiveMaster or Instructor with us


Rebreather Diver or Tec Diver with us


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